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Do you have a nice workplace to rent out? Put it online, tell us what makes your desk special and watch the requests pour in. Ching Ching!

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Why Deskalot?Why Deskalot Bubble

Why become a Deskalot Host?

You use your extra space

And make some money too!

It's super easy

Add & manage desks in 1-2-3

Low commission

You only pay a small sum on every transaction

Become a host
Become a host in 3 steps

Place your workspace online

No registration fees, no high demands. We cover workplaces from A to Z; from containers to attic rooms.

Set the rules for yourself

Set your own schedule and house rules for your guests. You can easily manage payments and listings in the platform.

Welcome your first guests

Woo-hoo! Your workplace is online. Get the coffee ready for your first Deskalot visitors.

By renting out my studio on Deskalot I’ve already met some super cool people!

Jonas - Happy Host


Deskalot is an easy way to connect with other remote workers, give life to my "home office" and make some money!

Sarah - Happy Host


As an unexpected bonus, I met some fascinating people who do some really cool work. It's a great way to earn some extra income.

Dennis - Happy Host


Why choose Deskalot?

No Cure No Pay

No hidden entry fees, no exit fees, ... Only 5% commission is deducted from your price if you are booked.

Administrative ZEN

Complete unburdening of administration through the platform. Receive bookings, handle them, answer questions, arrange payments, create invoices, send them, ... all through the platform.


Be in direct contact with users. Send messages, get in touch and conquer their hearts to come work with you.

100% digital

Smartphone, laptop, tablet, ... Deskalot does “all of the above”.


Deskalot's liability insurance covers both Guest and Host for accidents and damages. No additional costs and yet security.

Your place or mine?

The platform where private offerings can also appear. The charm of working with someone, at someone, ... and having an office in every street.

Your questions answered

Very simple! Step 1: Create a profile by clicking on 'register' at the top of this page. Step 2: After you have created your profile click on 'place a desk' at the top and follow the wizard. Step 3: add your payment details so we know where to send the money. And now waiting for your first booking 😉
Sure! The liability insurance covers business damage and bodily harm. You can find out about the amounts and which insurance covers what at the bottom under 'insurance'.
With an effective rental we charge 5% administration fee on your price. If you rent out at €20 per day, you will get €19 from us. This fee enables us to further develop the platform and bring even more interested parties to you. This cost is only charged if a booking is completed. A booking request that is refused or not processed will not be charged.
Of course you can! Every question or reservation request opens a chat that you can find and handle in your deskalot inbox. You can always reopen these conversations, review them, ask additional questions, etc.
As long as you agree with our terms of use you are welcome. We roughly distinguish 3 different types of offerings: - Professional offerings such as coworking spaces or room rentals - Professional offerings from companies that have workplaces available and want to make space profitable - Private offerings such as people with space left, a desk available, ... Everyone is welcome as long as everything is done in a respectful and professional manner

Put your workplace online

Do you have a nice workplace to rent out? Put it online, tell us what makes your desk special and watch the requests pour in. Ching Ching!

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