Co-Creation Hall, get out of your routine: come and play!

The Co-creation Hall is a spacious, fully-equipped and inspiring meeting room designed to boost your creativity and promote collaboration. The eco-friendly and modular design allows your teams to get out of their routine and experiment new ways of working. You take ownership of the space and adapt it to the setting required to create the needed group dynamic, whether it is an open space collaborative workshop, a conference or a team day.

What are the little details that make the difference? A permanent coffee-break in the room for the whole meeting day, or the possibility to attend your event from your own hammock or the sofas from the cozy corner.

Informatie over de buurt: transforma bxl - Evere
Huishoudelijk Reglement (regels specifiek verbonden aan de huur): The access to the cafeteria is included with all our catering options. If you wish to use your own catering service in the cafeteria, we charge a 300€ fee for access and cleaning. Depending on cafeteria availability, the catering might also be served in the room. ● The precise service hours for each catering option must be communicated upon booking. ● The desired catering and number of attendees must be confirmed 5 business days before the event. ● Our rates are VAT exclusive. Unless agreed otherwise, 50% of the room booking fee is required in advance to confirm the booking. The remainder of the room booking fee plus the catering are required no later than 10 days after the event.
Aantal beschikbare plaatsen: 0
Grootte van de ruimte (m²): 165
Aantal beschikbare parkeerplaatsen: 30.0
Beschikbare faciliteiten:
Catering mogelijkheden
Extra computerschermen
Extra klavier of muis
Stille ruimte
Bezoekers mogelijk
Aparte ingang
Buiten de kantooruren beschikbaar
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