Co-working Lounge - Brussels

Like working from home, without the distractions.

My comfy lobby at Hotel Hubert have been an unofficial workspace since the opening. I figured it was time to step it up a level, so welcome at my [CO]working space! Whether you’re working solo or you want to come with your team, I’ve got options to suit. It’s your new workspace with, of course good Wi-Fi and comfy desks but also with nice perks and none of the distractions of home.
I’ve got Meeting Pods for getting the hard work done without any distractions and a cosy co-working space. Plus, cosy corners, a fully stacked fitness room, a cute vintage food truck serving decadent hot dogs and my neighbour Foodmaker is there to offer everything from vitamin-packed healthy salads, sandwiches and smoothies to indulgent pastries.

CO-WORKING LOUNG: My ground floor is a meeting place, a chill-out space, an all-day bar and simply a lovely spot to work. A coworking space that feels like home minus the distractions. Comfy desk tables, lounge area and of course good Wi-Fi. All you need to be productive right in the heart of Brussels.

There are many different services free of charge proposed in-house. You'll find right next to my vintage Food Truck a pool table available every time. Don’t put the fault on the chalk if you start losing though! There's a coffee machine too! Don't you want to grab a cup and enjoy it while working or when taking a break? Then, just serve yourself and no need to ask my hosts. You're like at home over here!

Need more info? Come on in, my super team would love to show you around.

Informatie over de buurt: a meeting place, a chill-out space, an all-day bar and simply a lovely spot to work
Aantal beschikbare plaatsen: 18
Grootte van de ruimte (m²): 100
Aantal beschikbare parkeerplaatsen: 0.0
Beschikbare faciliteiten:
Catering mogelijkheden
Extra computerschermen
Extra klavier of muis
Stille ruimte
Bezoekers mogelijk
Aparte ingang
Buiten de kantooruren beschikbaar
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