Hotel Hubert Grand Place

Like working from home, without the distractions.

My comfy lobby at Hotel Hubert have been an unofficial workspace since the opening. I figured it was time to step it up a level, so welcome at my [CO]working space! Whether you’re working solo or you want to come with your team, I’ve got options to suit. It’s your new workspace with, of course good Wi-Fi and comfy desks but also with nice perks and none of the distractions of home.
I’ve got Meeting Pods for getting the hard work done without any distractions and a cosy co-working space. Plus, cosy corners, a fully stacked fitness room, a cute vintage food truck serving decadent hot dogs and my neighbour Foodmaker is there to offer everything from vitamin-packed healthy salads, sandwiches and smoothies to indulgent pastries.

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